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ABC TV Cuts Take W-League Off Air

  • ABC TV Cuts Take W-League Off Air

The Western Sydney Wanderers W-League squad were already enduring a tough season, sitting at the bottom of the ladder after just two wins from their eleven matches so far, but it just got worse for the club (and the competition) after it was officially announced that the W-League would no longer be broadcast on the ABC after this season.

[quote]While the rest of the 2014/15 season will continue as per programming, the 2015/16 and any agreed upon seasons beyond that have been terminated.  [/quote]

Now the FFA is faced with finding new ways to get the word out about a competition that is more than deserving of solid viewership.

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It comes as a stark reminder of the volatile nature of these deals and the political environment that they abide in. Just two years ago we saw a fair deal of co-operation in the creation of the Western Sydney Wanderers and, for the largest part, it has been to the benefit of every stakeholder but now we're being sent a very different message down the grapevine.

The inconsistencies of the industry are compound by the indecision of the environment of those with power and this makes an already difficult world of sports entertainment less secure.

Do you think another broadcaster will be willing to pick up the pieces for the W-League in the seasons ahead?

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