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Jamieson in awe of Wanderers support

  • Jamieson in awe of Wanderers support

Western Sydney footballer Scott Jamieson went so far west of home that he could have mistaken the Red and Black Bloc for a gigantic human cherry ripe.

But 10 years after leaving his family to embark on a whirlwind career that included stints in Bolton, Adelaide and, most recently, Perth, the Blacktown City junior returned home and realised their rabid fanbase was more than a Australian sport's noisiest and most colourful novelty.

"I'm a bit naive - maybe because I've been away - but the support's bigger than I expected," Jamieson said.

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"I knew how good they were on game day, but I didn't know how much it had developed in the community.

"I live in Kings Langley and the amount of red and black I see around there and conversations I've had with people was a bit weird for me because with the A-League, we're still a young competition.

"But just getting out for groceries and having a chat with people... it's pretty special."

However, it wasn't until an away trip to Newcastle a fortnight ago that the 27-year-old saw just how committed a following the Wanderers enjoyed playing in front of.

At the time, the reigning Asian Cup champions had won just one of their first four games and appeared headed for another disappointing league season.

But an estimated 3000 fans had travelled up the old F3 to lift their struggling team.

"I've never had that kind of support at Newcastle as an opposing player," he said.

"I've played at Sydney FC and never had that support; Perth (fans) never travel that far - it's too far for them."

It was then that Jamieson paid the RBB the greatest compliment he could give them.

"It reminds me of the England way," he said.

"These fans pay their hard-earned money that they earn during the week to come and support us. That for me is pretty special because I'm a local boy, so I know about it."

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