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Jamieson pleas for Wanderers fans to stay

  • Jamieson pleas for Wanderers fans to stay

Western Sydney Wanderers defender Scott Jamieson has called on the club's fans not to stage a walkout midway through Sunday's A-League match against the Central Coast.

Wanderers fans were left outraged after News Corp Australia revealed a list of banned A-League fans on Sunday, with the majority of those coming from the Western Sydney club.

It led to the club's main support group, the Red and Black Bloc, issuing a list of demands to Football Federation Australia, claiming they will walk out of grounds midway through matches until it is addressed.

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"I feel that they've got a right to be aggrieved with what's happening," Jamieson told Sky Sports Radio.

"Most of them are doing the right thing on gamedays and they're paying their money and they're getting hung out to dry a bit.

"But for a player I hope they don't walk out. I don't know what minute they're looking to walk out but it could be nil-nil or we could be down and we need extra motivation from the fans. If they walk out it could be a little bit unsettling for us."

Similar threats have also been made by the Melbourne Victory's main supporter group, however Jamieson said fans staying at the game would help prove the code's critics wrong.

"With these people coming out and attacking our fans and our game they generally do feel threatened," he said.

"I fully understand where they're coming from, the people who are doing the right thing are feeling aggrieved at being painted with the bad brush."

Earlier this week, 2GB shock-jock Alan Jones compared behaviour at Wanderers matches to terrorism in Paris while they were also described as "grubs" by Police Association of NSW president Scott Weber earlier this month.

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